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$0.99 Pink Ribbon socks at Coldwater Creek, free shipping!

Coldwater Creek has these Pink Ribbon socks for $0.99! Enter Offer Code WXH5320 on the Billing & Shipping page at checkout to receive free shipping.

Free Taco at Taco Bell on Oct 28

Because a base has been stolen in the 2008 MLB World Series, Taco Bell is giving away a free crunchy seasoned beef taco to each person who requests one on Tuesday, Oct. 28 between 2pm and 6pm.

More info is available at the Taco Bell Steal A Base Steal a Taco site.

Update on Omaha Steaks offer

I posted the other day about the great offer on meat from Omaha Steaks, and thought I would post an update on what I ordered and the status of my order.

I placed 5 orders. I got 10 $25 gift card codes, but only placed 5 orders on Tuesday night, because I looked at the clock after the fifth order and it was 12:30 am, so I thought I'd quit for the night and do the other 5 the next day.

When I woke up the next day the offer was dead, and the $25 coupon codes were now only good for orders over $100. Oh well, you snooze, you lose.

The orders I placed were:
  • 8 5oz burgers with 12 free burgers - total $1.98 after gift card
  • 8 polish sausages with 12 free burgers - total $1.98 after gift card
  • 8 gourmet beef franks (hot dogs to us common folk) with 12 free burgers - total $1.48 after gift card
  • 4 3oz polynesian pork chops with 12 free burgers - total $1.98 after gift card
  • 4 3oz polynesian pork chops with 12 free burgers - total $1.98 after gift card
A few hours after waking up yesterday, I checked the email accounts that I used to place my orders, and sure enough, my orders didn't go through quite as planned. I had 5 different emails from Omaha Steaks saying that a gift card discount could not be combined with a free product offer, therefore my orders will be shipped without the free burgers. That makes this deal significantly less outstanding, but sometimes too good to be true is just that.

I still feel like I got a good value for my $9.40 - 8 burgers, 8 polish sausages, 8 hot dogs, and 8 pork chops. But sixty more burgers would sure have been some nice icing on that cake!

Almost free ground steak from Omaha Steaks! *DEAD*

**This deal is no longer active. The emailed gift card code is now $25 off of $100, and the promotion for the 12 free burgers with any order is no longer valid. It was good while it lasted! I got 68 burgers, 8 polish sausages, 8 beef franks, and 8 polynesian pork chops. Grand total: $9.48!! Woohoo! ***

You can get 5 1/2 pounds of quality ground steak for less that $2 shipped from Omaha steak if you follow the simple steps below. It may sound complicated, but it's actually very simple!

1. Go to this link to sign up for the Geico priveleges website. You don't have to have insurance with Geico, and you do not have to switch over your insurance to them. It's simply a free registration to the site, and for doing so you'll get an email for the Omaha Steaks gift card.
*It may take a couple of hours to get your gift card code in your email.*

2. Once you receive the email with your gift card code, go to this link and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link to receive 12 free burgers with your order. Use this link to place your order, and you will receive 12 free burgers. See the next step for details on placing the order.

3. Now that you have your gift card code and the email with the link for the 12 free burgers, you're all set to place your order. Use the 12 free burgers link to get to the Omaha Steak site. Click on the "Burgers/Brats..." link on the left sidebar. Select "8 5oz burgers" for $12.99, and add them to your cart. The additional 12 free burgers will be added at checkout. Proceed with checkout - the $12.99 cost for the burgers (18 5oz burgers!) plus about $13 shipping will be covered by the gift card amount ($25). You will be left with about $1.98 for tax. Less than $2 for over 5.5 lbs of meat! These come in burger form, but can be crumbled and cooked for other ground beef recipes.