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Swagbucks Special Offer!!

If you are a long time reader of my blog, then you know already how much I LOVE Swagbucks.com. For those of you who may not already be familiar with this awesome site, this post if for you!

There are a lot of scam sites out there who promise you a payout for simple searching online, but I have personally used Swagbucks.com regularly for the past seven months, and it really works! It's fast and easy, and you'll probably average 1-3 Swagbucks everyday just for doing something you are probably doing anyways- searching the web. Use Swagbucks everytime you need to do a search online, and randomly you'll be rewarded for your searching with Swagbucks that you can cash in for a ton of different prizes. A $5 gift card for Amazon.com only costs 45 Swagbucks! And your search results are from Google and Ask.com, so they're just as reliable as searching anywhere else.

For those of you who have a blog, or a friends and family who use the internet, you will definitely want to check out Swagbuck's great referral program. Refer your friends and you'll earn every Buck they earn, up to 100! That really adds up fast, the more referrals you have, the quicker you'll be on your way to earning some pretty fantastic prizes. From gifts cards for Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Best Buy, and many other stores, to memorabilia from your favorite bands and music artists, there are hundreds of prizes to save for. They even have a new section of prizes that is just "For the Kids!"'

Ready to sign up? It's easy to sign up (Name and email address, no credit card needed or anything like that) and Swagbucks has offered me a great incentive for readers of my blog who go and sign up before midnight Friday night:

5 free Swagbucks to start you off with!

Use this link to sign up for Swagbucks, and enter this special Swag Code to receive your 5 free Swagbucks: LAVONNESBLOG.

Then refer your friends and start searching and you'll be earning some pretty awesome prizes in no time!