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CVS loot for this week... and my first fling at Walgreens

As I posted earlier this week, I did my first real deals at Walgreens this week. I definitely don't love it as much as CVS, and I had the same grumpy cashier the 3 times I went in, which definitely soured the experience for me. She treated me like a criminal because I was using the Zantac coupons so many times. I printed two from my computer, and two from my husbands, and one from the Zantac website for entering my UPCs on my computer, and the same from the Zantac website on my hub's computer. Even though I had 6 coupons, I only used 4 at Walgreens, two per visit, rung up separately. On the second trip, she mumbled under her breath that I had photocopied them, to which I replied that I had printed them from my computer, and then again after ringing me up and handing me my bags, she said that there was some "photocopying going on". I was very insulted, and since that is the only Walgreens near me, I just figured I'd forget using my last two coupons. When I stopped in tonight to finally complete the P&G RR deal, I decided to ring up my items at the Cosmetics counter, and tried once more with the Zantac, but that cashier didn't know how to adjust the coupon down, and I was in a hurry, so I told her not to worry about it and had her take the Zantac off my order.

Anyways, rant over, here's how I did at Walgreens (the picture is a bit incomplete, I bought two of the Old Spice body washes and an Old Spice deodorant but gave one body wash and the deodorant to my father-in-law before taking the picture):

Oop I spent a little under $5, and I have $20 RR to use towards this month's free-after-rebate items.


I much preferred shopping at CVS. I made one trip, and did four transactions, two on each of our two cards. I took advantage of the $4 off $20 coupon that was emailed to me, and the $3 off $15 coupon, and I also had a $3 off $10 CVS Brand coupon for each of our two cards that printed from the CRT machine. Here's a picture of what I bought:

I spent a little under $4 oop on the 4 transactions (more than typical, but I was actually low on my ECBs this week and that limited me a bit). I increased my ECBs on my husband's card by $3, and I increased my ECBs on my card by $11! I still need most of the free-after-ECB items from the May Extra Care book, but there was slim pickings at my favorite store this week, so I'll try again tomorrow at another store nearby.

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Free Sephora Cupcake Bath and Shower Bubbles!

Thanks to Carrie at Money Saving Methods for the info on this great freebie!

This freebie makes me very happy, because I really like Sephora!
If you sign up as a Sephora Beaty Insider, you'll receive a FREE bottle of Cupcake Bath and Shower Bubbles (shown above) for your birthday. You have two weeks before and two weeks after to claim your gift. It's free if you pick it p in a Sephora store, or free with an additional purchase if you order it from their online site.


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Free 8x10 and 5x7 from CVS Photo online, pick up at local store

To get your 2 free prints:

:: Go to CVS Photo
:: add 1 5x7 and 1 8x10 to your cart
:: When you check out, use the promo code ENLARGE, and choose to pick up at your local store.
:: $5.88 will be subtracted from your price, making your total $0.00.

This offer is good until May 17, and is limited to one use per account.

Free Pair of Asics Socks with Sign Up

Sign up today for the 2008 SELF Challenge, and receive a free pair of Asics athletic socks!

$10 off $30 at Dots, printable coupon

I love Dots. I buy the majority of my own clothing there. It's hard sometimes to find cute plus-size clothing that doesn't look frumpy, but I always find something I like when I go to Dots.

Dots emailed me this $10 off $30 coupon this morning, and I thought I'd pass it along. It's good until May 15.

Disney Costumes very cheap!

Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? Disney has a ton of costumes on clearance for drastically reduced prices. I was especially happy to see JoJo from JoJo's Circus for $3.99, because my 2 year old is a HUGE JoJo fan right now. Also, there is an incredible looking Elizabeth Swan pirate costume that I think my 10 year old daughter will love, she's a big fan of Pirates of the Carribbean.

There is a good variety there (6 pages) for both girls and boys.

Free Nail Polish from Ulta Beauty with printout from Seventeen.com

Get a free Nic's Sticks Paint & Go Nail Laguer!

Print this coupon and take it to any Ulta store nationwide and receive one free Nic's Sticks (in 'I'm Outta Here' color) from Nicole by OPI while supplies last.

Starts from May 6, 2008 through June 3, 2008. Read official rules here.

Hurry! Today, May 7 only! $15 off any purchase Ann Taylor printable!

Click here to print a $15 off any purchase coupon for Ann Tayler. Coupon is valid only on May 7, 2008!

Free Potty Training DVD

This comes at a perfect time, as I'm just getting into potty training with my 2 year old.

While supplies last, Huggies Pull-Ups is offering a free interactive Potty Training DVD. Click here to request your copy!

Also, on the left of the page is a place to click for Offers of the Month. Click there to print a $2 off Pull-Ups coupon!

Mark your calendars: Free 16oz Iced Coffee May 15!

On Thursday, May 15 from 10am-10pm, Dunkin Donuts is offering a free 16oz Iced Coffee! You can order it in whatever flavor you like best.

Web Hosting at Rock-Bottom prices!

Recently, my husband had a brilliant idea for a website that he just knew would become insanely popular. I'm going to keep the details to myself because, well, lets just say I didn't share his enthusiasm for that particular idea... :)

But being the frugalista that I am, I went online and dug and searched for the company that offers the lowest price for hosting the site. What I came up with, in my limited knowlege of the subject, was GoDaddy, for $4 a month for a basic site.

Well, this weekend, I was pleased to stumble across a MUCH better deal, through a site called CanisHosting.com. For only $1.99 a month (that's HALF of what we were paying!), CanisHosting offers basic web hosting, with 24 hour live support, and if you pay $24.88 for a full year in advance, you can transfer your domain name for free. There are a variety of other packages available as well, to accomodate all of your specific needs.

I was very pleased with the information I received when inquiring more about the services offered. The Support team was very knowledgeable, and responded very promptly to my email regarding what it would take to transfer my site from GoDaddy to them. Activation is instant, and after signing up, a welcome email comes with instructions on how to get transfer assistance, which is included at no extra charge.

They made everything so simple that I'm now seriously considering turning this blog into its own site. The price is definitely right, and since CanisHosting offers a sitebuilder, and a load of other one click install features that are listed on the web site, I think that even someone as tech-backwards as myself can build a site to be proud of!

Can you tell I'm excited about this find? I love saving money, and I especially love when I find a lower price that offers me more than what I was getting previously when I was paying double.

Just for my readers, CanisHosting offered me a unique promotion code that will save you 10% off of their already rock-bottom prices. So if you've been thinking of starting your own website, or if you currently have a site and are throwing your money away by paying too much to host it, this opportunity is too good to pass up!

Click the button below to check out CanisHosting and all of the benefits of hosting your site with them. If you choose to place an order, remember to use the Coupon Code FRUGALMOM to save 10% on your price!

$45 per Family Member from ShareBuilder!

Here's a great opportunity to make money by opening a new account with ShareBuilder!
My husband currently has an account with ShareBuilder, and considers it the best and most affordable way to buy and sell stocks, for beginners and seasoned traders alike. That's where we invest the majority of our savings.

Right now, ShareBuilder is offering $50 for opening a new account and completing one transaction. You can complete a transaction for as low as $5, so that's a $45 profit! You can open an account for every member in your family, so you can make $45 for each person in your household. We have 4 people in our home that I opened accounts for (not counting my husband who already has an account). So after completing a $5 transaction for each person (step-by-step instructions below), I will profit $180 in approximately 4 weeks! You can choose to invest that money into buying more stocks, or cash it out into your bank account for free.

Here are instructions for creating an account and completing a transaction (thanks iMommies!):

1.) Click HERE to visit ShareBuilder’s site and click the Open an Account tab
2.) Select Individual Account
3.) Select the box next to “I’m responding to a promotion“, enter the 50GO28 Promotion Code, and click Next
4.) From the Your Information page, select No (indicating you do not have another ShareBuilder account)
5.) Complete all required fields for Contact Information, then click Next
6.) Complete all required fields for Investor Identification, then click Next
7.) Complete all required fields for Employment, then click Next
8.) Select the Agreement box directly above “Review Your Account Information”
9.) Click Create Account
10.) From the Welcome Page, you should see your Account Number, Account Type, Promotion, and message reading, “Thank you, your promotion code has been accepted. You will receive a $50 account bonus approximately 4 weeks after your first transaction.”
11.) Click Continue
12.) Select Basic Program, then click Next
13.) Select Build my account over time with an Automatic Investment Plan, then click Next
14.) Select Create your own Automatic Investment Plan, then click Next
15.) Click HERE to open a separate window to search for stocks (do not close the window from Step 14)
16.) Locate a stock whose shares are priced under $1, note the stock symbol, and close the window
17.) In the original ShareBuilder account window, enter the stock symbol from Step 16 into the Symbol field
18.) Enter 5 ($5.00) in the Amount window, then click Add to Plan
19.) The window will refresh with the selected stock displayed in Your Automatic Investments - click Next
20.) Set your investment schedule frequency to One-Time, select an investment day, then click Next
21.) Select Automatically fund via electronic funds transfer (Free), enter your checking/savings account information, then click Next
22.) Authorize the transfer by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number - click Next
23.) Review the information entered, then select Create Plan
24.) Check your Email Inbox for 2 emails:
a.) Welcome to ShareBuilder
b.) Your Promotion Code has been Accepted
25.) Receive $50 (added to your ShareBuilder account) in approximately 4 weeks
26.) Either transfer the $50 to your bank account and let the $1 stocks remain…or continue buying and selling stocks to earn even more!
27.) Repeat steps 1-26 for each member of your family!

Free advance screening of Recount

Thanks to iMommies for the heads up on this great opportunity!

Recount will be televised on HBO May 25th, but residents of several major cities may attend an advance screening in a local theater prior to that date. The date/theater for each city has not been published, but if you’re interested in attending, full details will be sent via email by Entertainment Weekly. Click here to request your free passes before 5/12/08!

June Glamour bag offer with CVS purchase

Thanks to Life with Five and Money Saving Mom for the alert on this great offer!

From Life with Five:
Need an excuse for a CVS/pharmacy shopping spree? Buy any of the products listed below, handpicked by Glamour Lifestyle Merchandising Director Karen Feller, and you'll receive this hip black tote filled with summer beauty essentials ($86 value):

24.7 Minerals Mineral Makeup
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
Curel Life Stages Youth-Defense Moisture Lotion
Essence of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle
Essence of Beauty Retractable Kabuki Brush
Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer
John Frieda Weather Works Haircare
Skin Effects Sun Effects Continuous Spray SPF 45

**Send your CVS/pharmacy or cvs.com receipt to:

Lauren Plateroti
c/o Glamour
4 Times Square,
16th Floor
NYC, NY 10036

Visit http://www.glamalert.com/ for details. While supplies last.


Walgreens: Buy 9 items, get $20 RRs, new beginner scenario

I went to Walgreens yesterday, and was able to complete my Zantac scenario. I did it twice, since I was allowed to print 2 $5 off coupons.
Unfortunately, I couldn't complete my Crest scenario because they were completely sold out of the Crest Pro-Health 4 oz tubes.

So, I came home with $6 RRs and decided that this $20 RR offer was too good to let go of that easily, so I dug up a new scenario. I'm happier with this one because I always love getting new make-up, and heaven knows I have enough toothpaste to hold me over until armageddon, thanks to CVS.

I'll be off to try this one tonight.

First, I went to the Zantac website and entered one of the UPCs from the Zantac I bought yesterday, and it rewarded me with another $5/1 printable. I'll use that to buy one more Zantac at $3.99 (sale price), free after coupon, and it will print another $3 RRs. Then I'll do the following Cover Girl transaction, using my $6 RRs from yesterday and the new $3RRs to pay my oop costs.

The ad shows Cover Girl as part of the deal, at B1G150%. Walgreens.com shows nail polish as the cheapest option at $2.99. Also, there's an eyeliner/sharpener pack for $2.99.
7 Nail polish or Eyeliner/sharpener pack@ $2.99 B1g150% = $16.46
4 Cover Girl "Cheekers" Blush @ $3.99 B1G150% = $11.98
Total: $28.44 +tax

Depending on what coupons you have (like the free foundation or powder ones) you can probably do better, but this is what I plan to do with the 5/4 P&G coupons:

- two "$2.50 off 2 Covergirl" (-5.00) - I only bought 2 papers this week, but if you have three of these coupons, use them and only one of the -$1 ones below, and your oop will be $1.50 less.
- two "$1.00 off 1 CG product" (-$2.00)
- two "2 FREE Blush with purchase of 3 CG products" (-$15.96, or -$11.98 if they B1G150% your Q)
Total will be $5.96 or $9.46
Pay with $6 or $9 RRs (depending on the total) plus tax and get a $20 RR back!

I plan to use the $20 RR to buy items that are free after rebate, so I can get a gift card started to roll on these items in the future. You can read about what items I'm buying if you click here.

Kohls.com clearance on kids summer clothes

Kohls.com has childrens clothes in all sizes on clearance for as low as $3. Sadly, I went shopping at Kohls a month or so ago and stocked up for my youngest daughters, and a lot of the clothes that are now on clearance are ones that I already have. But I thought I'd pass along the info for those of you who may still need to buy summer clothes for your kids.

If you have a Kohls charge, you can get 15% off with this coupon code: MAYTAKE15 expires 5/31
and free shipping with Kohls charge card: MVC2554 expires 5/9.
Without a Kohls card, you can get 10% off with this code: NEW5459, but no free shipping without a Kohls card.

Toddler Girls
Toddler Boys
InfantsGirls 4-6x
Boys 4-7
Girls 7-16
Boys 8-20

CVS Diva!

I'm a little late this week, but here's how I did at CVS last week!

Here were my two scenarios, and I did them twice (once on each on our 2 cards). They didn't go exactly as planned, because those darn Garniers just wouldn't ring up right. But all in all, I'm happy with all the stuff I came home with (I needed laundry soap and dish soap, my husband really likes the Garnier face scrub, and all those post-its will be awesome for around-the-house organization). I didn't make money as planned, and I didn't break even. I think I spent $7 ECBs more than I earned back. But I had PLENTY to spare, and my oop wasn't more than $2 for all four transactions. :)

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