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My CVS Scenarios for the Week of 6/27/10!

**If you're new to the CVS game this post won't make much sense to you. Go here first to read my Beginner's Guide to CVS and learn everything you need to know. Then read the rest of this post for tips on how to make the game work for you, too!

Looking like a great week at CVS this week! I am especially excited about cheap laundry soap, tons of free maxi pads, and free M&Ms for the kiddos! The Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel kits will be nice, too, since I usually don't buy stuff like that, I just clean our 2 toilets the old fashioned way. So when I can get things like this for free, it's a nice little luxury. :)

Transaction 1:

$17.98 2 Schick Hydro 3 razors @ $8.99/ea
$3.49 Shick Hydro shaving gel
(earns $10 ECBs wys $20, limit 1)

$21.47 before coupons

-$4/$20 CVS coupon*
-$10, two $5/1 Schick Hydro (from 6/13 SS)
-$1/1 Schick Hydro shave gel (from 6/13 SS)

$6.47 after coupons, earns $10 ECBs

$10, 2 John Frieda shampoo or conditioner (earns $3 ECBs wys $10, limit 5 for the month)
$3.79 2 Stayfree BOGO
$3.79 2 Stayfree BOGO
$3, 2 Xtra Laundry Detergents

$20.58 before coupons

-$4/$20 CVS coupon*
-$2 John Frieda hair care (from 6/6 SS)
-$2 John Frieda hair care (from 6/6 SS)
-$3.79 BOGO Stayfree (from 6/27 SS)
-$3.79 BOGO Stayfree (from 6/27 SS)
-$2, two $1/1 Xtra Detergent (from 6/6 SS)

$3 after coupons, earns $3 ECBs
(If you still have some $3 John Frieda coupons from 6/6 P&G, or the $2.50/1 printables, this would take $1 or $2 off your total!)

$9.99 Kodak Picture Movie DVD (earns $9.99 ECBs, limit 1)
$10, 4 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel kit 2/$5 (earns $5 ECBs wys $10, limit 1)

$19.99 before coupons

-$4/$20 CVS print*
-$4, four $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning product (from 6/6 SS)
Buy one toilet cleaning gel, get Fresh Brush 2-in-1 Starter or refill free (If your CVS carries these, throw 2 of them onto your order and get them free with this coupon)

$11.99 after coupons, earns $14.99 ECBs

If you get 4 papers this weekend, like me, you'll have 2 more coupons for the BOGO Stayfree, so you can add 4 more packages (2 per coupon) to any of your transactions and get them free.

Also, single size packs of Pretzel M&Ms are BOGO this week @ $0.88 for 2. There will be a BOGO coupon in this weekend's Red Plum insert which is valid up to $0.79, so it will take $0.79 off, making it only $0.10 for every 2 packs you buy. So you can throw 8 packages onto your transactions and use 4 BOGO coupons to get all 8 packs for $0.40. :)

*All of the above transactions utilize the $4/$20 CVS coupon that you get when you register a CVS card number for the email list. These coupons aren't hard to get multiples of, but I'm not going to tell you how to do it. :) Mainly because I don't want CVS catching on and canceling the email offers. But if I figured it out, you can too. It doesn't take much thinking or much time (and no tech-smarts or coupon-altering is necessary).

What I Got at CVS This Week!

It's been a busy week for me this week, so I didn't get around to posting my CVS scenarios here. Sorry about that! I made up my scenarios early in the week, but because my week was so busy, I decided to skip the deals this week to save me the stress of having to work a CVS trip into my already busy schedule, especially considering I have quite a stockpile of Body Wash and toothpaste already.
But last night I realized I was low on diapers, and needed to pick up some more, and remembered the deal on Huggies boxes at CVS this week, so I decided if I had to go for diapers anyways, I might as well get the rest of my deals too.

I paid $8.64 total for everything pictured above.
I bought the 6 packages of Pampers baby wipes and the 2 Skinny Cow ice cream cups at Walmart. The wipes are regularly priced at $1.97, making the six packages free after 6 $2/1 coupons from the 6/6 newspaper. The Skinny Cow cups are regularly prices at $1.22, making them only $0.22 each after 2 of the $1/1 printables that were available online recently.

Everything else pictured was bought in 3 transactions at CVS. AND, I went in to the store with NO ECBs to spend towards my scenarios, so I was very pleased at my low total for everything I bought, and I left the store with $11 ECBs for next week!

First thing I did when I got to the store was scan my card for coupons at the Coupon Center machine. I was very happy to receive a free $2 ECB for recently joining the ExtraCare Advantage program. If you haven't signed your card up for this program yet, you should! It's quick and easy to do online, and you may get rewarded with extra ECB rewards from time to time!

Ok, so, here are the scenarios I did at CVS this week:

Transaction 1:

$7, Olay Total Effects Body Wash*
$7, Olay Total Effects Body Wash* (will earn ECBs in next order)
$1.49 Dove bar soap
$1.49 Dove bar soap
$2.99, Colgate Total Advanced Whitening (earns $2 ECBs, limit 2)
$2.97 3 Powerbar Pure and Simple bars ($0.99 each, earns $2.97ECBs)

$22.94 before coupons

-$5/$15 CVS coupon (I got this Grand Opening coupon in the mail)
-$8, two $4/1 Olay TE Body Wash (from 6/6 P&G)
-$2.98, two "Buy Olay TE Body Wash, get Dove soap free" (from 6/6 P&G)
-$0.75/1 Colgate Total Advanced printable
-$1/1 Colgate Total Advanced CVS printable
-$2 ECB from coupon printer

$3.21 +tax after coupons, earns $4.97 ECBs


Transaction 2

$7, Olay Total Effects Body Wash*
$7, Olay Total Effects Body Wash* (earns $7 ECBs wys $27)
$1.49 Dove bar soap
$1.49 Dove bar soap
$2.99 Colgate Total Advanced (earns $2 ECBs)
$3 Gold Emblem cookies

$22.97 before coupons

-$4/$20 CVS print
-$2.97 ECBs (from last order)
-$8, two $4/1 Olay TE Body Wash (from 6/6 P&G)
-$2.98, two "Buy Olay TE Body Wash, get Dove soap free" (from 6/6 P&G)
-$0.75/1 Colgate Total Advanced printable
-$1/1 Colgate Total Advanced CVS printable
-$3, Free CVS Brand product, max value $3 (got this in a Grand Opening mailer, used for the Gold Emblem cookies)

$0.27+tax, earns $9 ECBs

Transaction 3

$19.99 Huggies diaper box
-$4/$20 CVS coupon
-$3/1 Huggies print
-$1/1 Huggies CVS print (this is no longer available, but I printed a bunch of them earlier this month because they had a long expiration date)
-$11 ECBs from previous order

$0.99 oop, earns $10 ECBs

*You'll notice in my picture that I didn't get the Total Effects body wash as planned, because they were out of stock at my store. The manager let me substitute the Age Defying and Moisture varieties, because they were the same price. The $4/1 coupons scanned fine for these, but no ECBs printed. The manager manually printed my $7 ECBs, since I had spent the required $27 to earn the ECBs, and since they were out of stock of the Total Effects variety! :)