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My CVS Scenario For This Week, With Pics!

**If you're new to the CVS game this post won't make much sense to you. Go here first to read my Beginner's Guide to CVS and learn everything you need to know. Then read the rest of this post for tips on how to make the game work for you, too!

I wasn't too excited about the deals at CVS this week, mainly because I spent all my ECBs last week on diapers. I remember fondly the days when I had diapers stockpiled in my closet, enough to last at least a couple of months. But since I have only just begun CVSing again after a long time without, I am in the process of getting stocked up again. Slowly but surely! :)

So imagine my delight when CVS emailed me today to request that I take a survey, rewarded by $15 ECBs, printable immediately upon completion of the survey. I also had that same request in the email address that is attached to my husband's CVS card, so that meant $30 free ECBs for me to play with, on 2 different CVS cards.

Here's the scenario I came up with (I needed diapers again...)

$9.99 Huggies Little Movers Jeans diapers (sale price)
$4 Old Spice Body Wash (earns $4 ECBs, limit 2)
$4 Old Spice Body Wash (earns $4 ECBs, limit 2)
$$11.98 Two ThermaCare 3pk Heating Pads at $5.99 each (earns $5 ECBs wyb 2, limit 1)
$4.77 Six bottles of Sobe Lifewater, on sale B1G1 at $1.59
$1 Green Bag Tag (have been meaning to pick one up)

$35.74 before coupons

-$5/$30 CVS printable
-$15 ECBs, printable reward for taking survey
-$3/1 Huggies printable
-$1/1 CVS Huggies Little Movers Jeans store printable
-$3/1 ThermaCare 2ct+ printable
-$3/1 ThermaCare 2ct+ printable
-$4.77 B1G1 Sobe Lifewater printables

$0.97 +tax after coupons, earns $13 ECBs!

I did this exact same scenario twice, once on my husband's card, and once on mine. Here's the loot:


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